Putting Money Where My Mouth Is: Welcome to Healthcare Trendsparency

Like the brothers Jake and Elwood from the movie the Blues Brothers, I have been on a mission. A mission and unwavering commitment to follow-thru on a promise made to de-confuse healthcare for anyone who had to access the health system and was baffled by a lack of transparency about cost and value. I promised to change healthcare for the better.

Sitting here in my office on this random Monday morning, I am really excited (I believe stoked may even be a better description of my demeanor). Today is the first of many days to come where I get to live out my personal mission – with the publication of the first quarterly Healthcare Transparency Index and the launch of this blog to support it.

After losing my parents to cancer in 2006, I was obviously overwhelmed with grief. Adding insult to injury was the confusing mess of medical bills and unanswered questions about their care that was left behind. During one of the worst and darkest times of my life, where the last thing I wanted to think about was money, I gained an amazing clarity about an issue that’s plaguing healthcare today – and one that I naively believe we can (nay, must!) fix.

No one argues that our current healthcare system is a mess – we’re all easily on board with that. But the number of theories about its core problems and how to fix them are astronomical. I bet you’re following 17 other blogs that say we need to focus on technology, quality or processes – all of which have their place. But, with that said, here are a few promises to our readers about this blog’s mission and why this one is different.

  • We will show you the money – Does anyone even know what healthcare really costs? Because of the way the our healthcare system is inherently set up, we’ve all been shopping without price tags, the wool has been pulled over our eyes, another day another dollar – whatever cliché description you want to use to describe it. This blog is going to expose what the government, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and insurance companies don’t seem want anyone to know – the true costs of procedures, routine care and prescriptions.
  • We will back patients and employers – For the most part, employers and the employees they are trying to insure have been the biggest victims of the mess that healthcare has become. Because of the rising cost of healthcare, employers can’t afford to cover employees the way they used to, and employees are now forced, for the first time, to become really “involved” with their healthcare and make decisions about care that they never had to before. This blog is intended to guide employers and their employees on how to become smart consumers of healthcare.
  • We will advocate discussion, welcome debate and receive challengers – We know not everyone will agree with our opinions and perspective – even if they’re backed by three years and $220 million of medical claims data. Even if the most recent research points to a rising number of companies insuring their employees through a consumer directed health plan, we’re used to the arguments against it. So we’re asking you to please read, weigh in, ask questions and consider.

I hope that after you check out a few posts, you’ll be as excited as I am.

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